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This Alliance was established in the year 2005 and has been working within the AA CZ activities for some seven years. The main idea and task of this organization is to look for young farmers, to organize their meetings, excursions and also visits abroad; these activities include further education for them to be able to exchange their opinions and experiences on management and their profession activities. One of the priorities of their work is to acknowledge themselves with new working procedures, technologies and methods of management needed for their work in agriculture. Our young managers can take a part in work of respective vertical and horizontal working parties of COPA/COGECA. Alliance has started its co-operation with organization Young MBSA, which puts together young people from management, science, sport, art and others sectors of human activity. Thank to this cooperation, which has been continuing for the last two years, our young managers have opportunity to join social parties and meetings together with their colleagues and they can exchange their views on actual problems and can try to find possible solutions of actual problems.