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International relations of AA CR

The Agricultural Association of the Czech Republic as a member of COPA/COGECA and promoter of cooperative farming in the Czech Republic actively contributes to the defence of the interests of Czech farmers in the process of drawing up European legislation in the context of its involvement in the working groups of COPA/COGECA, it helps formulate the systemic solutions to key areas of farming and associated branches. The chairman of the Agricultural Association of the Czech Republic, Ing. Martin Pýcha has been Vice President of COGECA for a second term now.

In connection with the work of the association‘s representatives (chairman Ing. Martin Pýcha and director Ing. Jan Ulrich) in the above mentioned work groups C/C the Agricultural Association of CR periodically attends meetings of the “civil dialogue groups” organised by the European Commission.


Other international organisations

The Agricultural Association of the Czech Republic is also a member of the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA). We work particularly actively in its European section - European cooperatives. We also participate in the proceedings of the International Labour Organisation (ILO), where we actively participate in discussions during the drawing up of legislation influencing the rules of the labour market and status of workers in farming. It is also necessary to mention cooperation with the World farmer’s organization, the Association actively contributes finance and know-how to solution of hot issues of the position of the agricultural and food processing industry sectors in the current globalised and bureaucracy bound market environment. This year the Association has also become member of the Association of Innovative Farming (AIF) with the seat in Brussels as we are well aware that agriculture must develop on the basis of most recent knowledge from the science and research sphere and must not lag behind other industries in the technological area, in the area of modern management procedures and remuneration of qualified staff.